We apply data from climate scenarios and climate forecasts to many different areas and sectors.
In this way, we can produce tools that answer the different demands of our clients.
Here are some examples:


- agriculture

- finance

- coasts and ports

- energy

- fashion and clothing

- insurance

- offshore, oil&gas

- public health

- real estate

- tourism


  • High resolution climate scenarios

  • Water footprint, carbon footprint, Life Cycle Assessment

  • Drought indicators (surface water bodies)

  • Integrated irrigation management with models support, sensors, IoT platforms

  • Identification of waste water collection and water management systems

  • Adaptation measures assessment at urban and sub-urban scale

  • Support to new transport structure design

  • Big Data Analyses and Artificial Intelligence in the context of climate change

  • Land suitability, Land capability

  • Indicators of impacts of climatic variability and trends on phenological phases and crop production

  • Monitoring and assessement systems for farming, agriculture, forest and other sectors

  • Fires management and prevention

  • Support to adaptation plans and to plans for sustainable energy and the climate

  • Urban regeneration

  • Marine risks assessment and management for aquaculture

  • Critical infrastructure management

  • Extreme events: support to long-term planning in the context of climate change.

  • Extreme events: disaster risk prevention and Early Warning

  • Extreme events: risk analyses

  • Coastal and port planning and moitoring

  • Climate and marine forecasting for tourism

  • Weather and sea forecast in support to oil-spill emergencies

  • Ship Routing

  • SAR – Search and Rescue

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