Our climate services are characterized by a high multi-sector integration that allows us to develop highly customized activities according to our customers’ needs and demands.


Climate Predictions and Scenarios

To know the future of the climate can have a critical impact on the planning and the implementation of many activities in several sectors.
We provide a series of forecasts and scenarios that are characterized by:

  • Geographic Scale

    Global, regional, local.

  • Time Scale

    Decadal, annual, seasonal, sub-seasonal.

  • Indicators

    Temperature, precipitations, heat days, extreme events, sea conditions.


We advise clients in the public and private sectors to ensure that their planning activities, assets, products, and projects are ready to respond effectively to climate change challenges.
Our consulting activities include:

  • Vulnerability assessment, adaptation capacity, coping capacity, resilience by using Earth System Models, statistical/econometric methods, composite indexes.

  • Users/stakehodlers consultations.

  • Adaptation management and risk reduction policies.

  • Costs-benefits evaluation in the field of adaptation and DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction).

  • Economic, environmental, multi-risk evaluation by using stage damage models and production loss models.

  • Evaluation of danger on several geographical/time scale with extreme indexes, raster-based models, and hydrological models.

  • Climate Services Development (business models, market intelligence, services economic value).

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